Card Functions

Here are some easy ways to check your gift card online or check your card status with customer service. You must first register with MyGiftCardSite with the card information required to access all of the above services.

Registration only takes a few minutes. It allows you to access some features such as checking your account balance and other important information on your card. Instructions on how to check your balance on MyGiftCardSite .

Once cardholders are sure they entered the correct connection information, check that the internet connection is working properly. Basically, the MyGiftCardSite login page uses pop-up sections during the login process for a better user experience.

MyGiftCardSite Card Functions

This card is accepted in millions of locations across the United States. You can use them wherever these cards are accepted.

  • Your card has a defined value. This is the value you set as the limit on your usage.
  • This will avoid the costs associated with using a debit card as you will not exceed the gift card limit.
  • After purchase, this fee will be deducted from the gift card balance.

In addition, all of these MyGiftCardSite cards are also sold to third parties and at the same time purchasing these gift cards is an ideal option. As the gift card differs in different categories, you have the option to review or review the gift card online or to check the status of the card by contacting the appropriate customer service team.

Simply transfer the MyGiftCardSite card to the cash register when purchasing and the purchase price will be deducted from the deductible. When checking the balance, you can check not only the purchase amount but also the MyGiftCardSite balance.

If you fail to recognize your gift card balance and purchase items that are over budget. You can also easily plan your gift card and shopping costs by checking your balance.

This is a prepaid card, the value of which is limited to the money that has been loaded onto the card you purchased. It is recognized where Visa and Mastercard are accepted and must be located in the United States.