Activate Your Card

MyGiftCardSite is particularly beneficial for customers and allows them to shop anytime, anywhere. It is one of the most popular online gift card retailers in the country. The company sells gift cards to many retailers, large and small, such as Best Buy, Amazon, and many more.

The MyGiftCardSite login page helps cardholders track usage, instantly view card information, and check card balance anytime on their mobile phone or computer. If you are looking to give someone a gift, this might be a perfect option. Also, these cards are one of the most popular options to gift someone.

Card Activation Steps for MyGiftCardSite

To activate your account, you will need the Card Account Number and the Card Confirmation Number (CVN), which consists of 16 digits and is located on the card itself. The CVV is stamped on the back of the card. To activate your account, follow the steps indicated:

  • This can be done through the provider’s website. From there, you will need to provide your 16-digit account number and CVV number to activate MyGiftCardSite.
  • You can then call the provider’s card activation service through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a device that asks for the 16-digit card number and specifically the CVV number.

There are many websites and applications that can be used to effectively verify your card information. The Bank of the United States has launched the MyGiftCardSite login portal to assist its customers. You can find all the details about MyGiftCardSite in our article. Cardholders can access the official website at

You can buy it anytime, anywhere as long as prepaid gift cards are accepted. You can also check your account balance at

To verify your card details, you can access your credentials on the MyGiftCardSite login page. You can also check your account details and gift card information.

All cardholders are encouraged to register their gift card on the MyGiftCardSite login page to track usage, view card information instantly, and check card balance on their cell phone or computer at any time. Additionally, users can view their account balance on this portal after registering.